How childhood trauma impacts well being throughout a lifetime | Nadine Burke Harris


Childhood trauma is not one thing you simply recover from as you develop up. Pediatrician Nadine Burke Harris explains that the repeated …



  1. This woman is amazing. Dr. Harris I'd love to be like you one day my god!!! Healing the children of our nation.
    Always so curious to study these types of difficulties. I would love to see information regarding adults with high ACE scores who have done the most difficult- healed. This also begs my question, does one ever fully, truly heal from trauma? Especially trauma that is intensely severe, and if so, how? Can there really be one singular method that is effective in treating these high scoring ACE adults? What about children?
    I love all the questions this video allows me to ponder about. Thank you Dr. and Ted!

  2. Thank you for sharing,i wish my parents never created me,its better to give your kids up for adoption,have an abortion,use protection instead of having them and giving them a life they will have to recover from

  3. I found this 7 years after it was posted… what a wonderful analysis and it is true… child adversity affects everyone. The bear coming home every night did it for me… an eternity to find this wise words, It's never too late to start healing

  4. Having grown up as the scapegoat in a family with 2 narcissistic parents, I can confirm from personal experience that this is true. I am 61 years old, have suffered a lifetime of narcissistic relationships due to a strong trauma bond. In the past couple of years, I have come to understand this at a cellular level and am now healing. The effect of a traumatic childhood with physical, emotional, spiritual and sexual abuse is so hard to overcome, not only because of the trauma itself, but also because even some of the most reputable therapists don't understand this, therefore, they don't treat it. The best therapist I have ever had was recently, a very young woman who worked for the local domestic violence center. I am thankful for her, because she helped me dig into the past and understand where the trauma began.

  5. Children REQUIRE a happy childhood. Not a privileged childhood, or a pampered, or spoiled childhood. Simply a happy childhood where they are treated with respect and love and understanding.

    Thank you, Dr. Harris. I pray you continue your mission and spread your wisdom all over the world!

  6. I’ve got chronic bloating and have now found out it’s due to cptsd and finally getting counselling now at 28. I cut off the only family I had rightfully and don’t have any real friends living in an adult hostel as a consequence of my messed up childhood

  7. Please also mention death of a parent!!! My dad worked for Nasa/ JPL and died of colon cancer when I was 12. Yes my Mom was present, but all us kids still walked with unresolved grief for years.

  8. That's why we all are in my family have failed in life. I never get hug from my dad and my mom all my life I still don't like and am.very rude to
    My son as well I regret why I bring him In this world…and he is autistic as well

  9. if you see 100 kids drinking from a well and 98 of them get diarrhea, you need to figure out why that well is giving them diarrhea but you also need to treat the kids' diarrhea. stopping the well from giving more kids diarrhea is not going to help the kids already affected with diarrhea.

  10. Now, as an adult mother with an ACE score of 9. I have never felt so seen and validated. I am watching this video due to my Psychology class. I want to become a Psychologist. This video is very triggering. With all of the information, how to go forward with getting the CORRECT care? All of my life, I have continually had people tell me everything is in my head and that I can do everything that a neurotypical person can. I have tried to pretend and fit in but the truth is that is hurting me more than helping me. Please tell me someone has some advice. I have done many years of therapy, different modalities, different medications…etc. The fact remains that my brain is traumatized. There must be a protocol that has been proven effective to atleast increase quality of life. I am so tired of being stuck in fight or flight. I want to be able to relax and respond effectively to the stressors in my life.

  11. What i would like to know is how compound childhood traumas exponentially effect these statistics. What happens when you experience a wide range of possible traumas. I cant find any answers accept the algorithm pointing to psychopath. That outlook alone is a huge mental weight to bear for those with these kinds of compound trauma. Society needs to be better at recognizing these traumas and addressing them as early as possible for the health of many children, because this has been impacting society to a large degree. This, with The addition of social media to not make a great outlook on the future of society and mental health.

  12. The part where she talks about kids getting sick from the well,the reason why health professions are trained to sought people straight to pharmaceuticals is because it generates money for the government's ,not because of a lack of common sense.crazy to speak of in society today but they really are holding us all back.

  13. My PTSD and anxiety has caused a psychogenic seizure disorder. I’ve finally been diagnosed. I was quickly abandoned & put on a list for a psychiatrist. I’ve been on a list for almost a year.
    I can’t even leave my house without fear of a seizure. COVID isolation has made it worse.
    I hope you all find support & I wish you the best. I can’t even finish this video because it’s infuriating knowing she’s one of the few that is interested in this mechanism of the body & how PTSD affect the body and mind. God bless her

  14. Going through abuse as a kid and then becoming a troubled adult my mother told me in question form that I blamed her for my lifestyle(having a lot of kids in particular) I told her the decisions I made as an adult were not her fault but that it was the foundation she set and what is sad is I found out after she passed away that she did the best her mental health allowed and come to find out she had a horrible childhood as well; now I have my daughters and it takes a lot of work and prayers to not allow history to repeat itself as this trauma can be pass down from generations on over. My mother has been decreased for a few years now and a few months ago I finally forgave her after reading some letters and I finally understood her a bit better❤️

  15. Bad choices and abuse by my parents and all other feilds made a sacrifice child out of neglect to their participation for trauma fulfillment but God made a miracle of recovery only for the truth of neglect was systemic in all people's choices leaving only the remnant of suffering to screem more on death ears till sadness was constant greif .
    Bayden is my name .

  16. This is such an eye opener and I have a lot of health issues which I hate but I'm not taking it lying down. I'm fighting for my life and the life of my siblings we survived severe trauma and we're all still alive by the grace of God. There are 6 of us in our 50's and one in his 40's 🙂 . I am enjoying life regardless of the trauma we went through.

  17. My mom use to hit me pull my hair pinch me yell at me , call me names making me feel stupid at a very young age making me feel useless . I left my feelings along because I thought well idk what she was going through. She now treats my younger brother with love and care overseeing it frustrated me. Yesterday was my breaking point she snapped on me and I snapped too. I’ve never felt this low and unloved from a mother. Makes sense why when I love I give all my bf has showed me the most love I have ever received I’m forever grateful god knew I needed him.

  18. Like many others she only points out the negative, meanwhile Holocaust survivors that were children suffered the most in modern history and managed to as a whole to have very successful lives and have very successful descendants. Let's find people that comes with successful solutions instead of making many feel that they're stuck in a rot because of their past. Funny thing is that I never met a child of a psychologist who didn't have emotional issues.


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